Uptown hate crime spurs Queer Women's March


Photo courtesy of Capital Growth Properties

In response to the hate crime against Kristen Boyne in Uptown, a Queer Women's March has been scheduled for Thursday night.

Boyne was attacked by two men in Uptown on Thursday while walking home. The men allegedly beat her until she lost consciousness while calling her a "fucking dyke".

More details on the march below.

Details from the march MySpace page:


Join us at Bryant and Lake in Minneapolis at 9 pm on Thursday, January 29th to march in solidarity with Kristen Boyne, who was violently gay-bashed in the streets of Uptown. Kristen was walking less than three blocks from her home when she was brutally attacked by two men. The unidentified assailants called her an "f---ing dyke", then punched and kicked her until she lost consciousness.

Love, compassion and understanding is the only cure for hatred and fear. So in response to this senseless act of hate and violence, we will march to demonstrate that queer women (and all women!) will not tolerate being victimized by hateful bigotry and violence.

Let us gather the collective energy of our community to promote awareness and understanding with a loving and peaceful demonstration. Let us "Be the change we want to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

The march organizers would also like to reiterate that we ENCOURAGE allies of all genders, ages and orientations to march with us on Thursday. Our intent has never been to exclude but to make a special call to queer young women because we feel that this segment of the GLBT community is often underrepresented in pride and other events. We hope that everyone feels welcome to join us in solidarity to demonstrate against violence and hate in our communities.

Email Queer Women March if you wish to volunteer in some way, cover the march or get more information.