Uptown Dunn Bros baristas tied up and pistol-whipped

An extra shot of espresso with your pistol whipping?

An extra shot of espresso with your pistol whipping?

Two baristas were minding their own business at the Uptown Dunn Brothers last night, about ten minutes before 10 p.m. close, when two men stormed into the coffee shop with guns.

It was a hold-up. The men forced the women to give them all the store's money. And they pistol-whipped one of the baristas in the face.


"They tied them both up in the office, they had them lay down," says Sanjeev Azad, owner of the store, at 1506 W. Lake Street in Uptown. "The guy kicked her on the back of her head. That's the saddest part--so much unnecessary violence."

The men apparently didn't worry that three or four customers were still milling about, drinking their late-night coffee. 

The customers called 911. 

"Every robbery is stupid," Azad says. "This one was. I don't know if these guys didn't see if there was still customers, or what."

Police quickly caught the suspects.

The two women went to Hennepin County Medical Center, but are now doing okay. "They have some physical injuries, but nothing serious," Azad says.

This is the first time baristas have been pistol-whipped at this Dunn Bros. "We've been broken into at night, but nothing like this before," Azad says.

But the women haven't turned in their resignations--they are still working for the store.

Here's the Dunn Bros location:

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