Upset Vikes fan smashes window, but at least it wasn't his wife


Evidently Jason Eugene Schorn was so pissed off that the Vikings were denied a Super Bowl appearance by the Saints on Sunday that he smashed a window at Sauce Spirits and Soundbar at Lyndale Avenue and Lake Street.

Schorn, who faces a felony charge of first-degree damage to property, would appear to have some anger management issues. But really, he's small potatoes compared to some Green Bay Packers fans.

First, there's the story from earlier in January of Jeffrey M. Leffler, 45, of Lancaster, Wis., who took out his frustrations with a Packers' loss to the Arizona Cardinals by assaulting his 36-year-old wife, Tammy.

Then there's the case of Ryan Hinderaker, who got into an argument last October with another man at Leaning Tower of Pizza on Lyndale Avenue during Green Bay's loss to the Vikings. When the two took their argument outside, Hinderaker, in a Packers shirt, took out a knife and stabbed the other man, who was wearing Vikings garb.

Broken window? Packers backers have us beat cold when it comes to post-game smash-ups.