[UPDATE]The Leitheiser Family is Selling Nearly Everything It Owns for $5,000

It all could be yours for $5,000

It all could be yours for $5,000

[UPDATE]: Nick Leitheiser checked in this morning with news that three interested buyers made offers yesterday and they signed a purchase agreement with one of them last night. The buyers are a young family that just bought a house two blocks away.

Thinking about redecorating? The Leitheiser family is selling everything in its south Minneapolis home as a package deal for $5,000.

Nick and Erin Leitheiser are moving with their two small children to Copenhagen, Denmark this winter. They thought they had a deal in place to sell their home fully furnished, but when the buyer backed out of purchasing the home's contents it left the Leitheisers with a week to get rid of everything.

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So Nick Erin took to Craigslist in a last-ditch effort to sell everything they own, minus clothes and personal mementos.

"It definitely feels a little weird, literally selling our house and 95 percent of everything we own, but it's an adventure, right?" he said. "There's something really great about the notion of starting over in a new country, with a new apartment and new things. It's refreshing, in a way."

The ad touts an entire house of furniture: a bed, futon, couch, chairs, tables, kitchen appliances, wall art, bookcases, the list goes on. Then there's the garage, which is full of tools, a grill, fire pit, and other miscellaneous items hailing from the lawn and garden department.

The Leitheisers are hoping for an agreement in writing by Thursday and to have everything out by Saturday. Nick said he's gotten a few calls so far offering to buy certain items, or groups of items, but no one has come forward with an offer to buy everything yet.

h/t to Julia Schrenkler