UPDATE: Teddy Bridgewater hangs out with the 'Hey Teddy' kid, world a good place

Hey Tedd-ay, Hey Tedd-ay. You came to my birthday party!

Hey Tedd-ay, Hey Tedd-ay. You came to my birthday party!

The spread of Obadiah Gamble's insanely cute rap video, "Hey Teddy," led to a lot of direct cajoling of Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

C'mon, Teddy, people said, @ing him on Twitter. Look at this kid. How could you say no to this face? To this utterly infectious chorus?

To quote from Obadiah himself, won't you wanna come to his birthday party?

Bridgewater answered the question yesterday. Of course he wants to come. 


Technically, Gamble doesn't turn seven until Sunday, but Bridgewater instead surprised his young superfan with an unexpected Wednesday afternoon pop-in. Fox 9 has the details and they are delightful. 

Though it wasn't the birthday party, there was cake, and there was some football tossin'. And there was Teddy Bridgewater, quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings, wishing this little kid a happy birthday. 

"We played catch and talked about some stuff," Gamble told Fox, saying Bridgewater also invited him to a team practice to meet other players.

Gamble added: "I'll remember this my whole life."

If good will had any bearing on professional sports results, the Minnesota Vikings would go 16-0 behind MVP quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Sadly, that's not how things work. 

Doesn't matter. He and Obadiah Gamble have already won.