[UPDATE] Ex-Timberwolves Stiff Darko Milicic Loses Professional Kickboxing Debut

Not a great start to Darko's kickboxing career

Not a great start to Darko's kickboxing career

One of the softest, most-overpaid (KAAAHHHNNN!) players in Timberwolves history lost his professional kickboxing debut in Russia yesterday.

Darko didn't look too bad in the first round of the fight, flashing more aggression than he ever did underneath the boards, but the fight was stopped early in the second round because of a deep cut on his shin.

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According to a translated version of this Russian website, Darko temporarily broke the scale at the weigh-in, provoking "a gale of laughter." Later he weighed in at 138 kilograms, which equals about 304 pounds.

Darko said he had trouble finding sparring partners brave enough to face down "Manna from heaven."

"The big problem was to find a first rival, and then sparring partner for me," he said. "Have a great man, but I am a beginner in kick boxing, and they all behaved as if it comes to sparring Mike Tyson." (At least that's the Google translation of what he said.)

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