Unwanted impound lot urn is wanted again


Yesterday we posted the story of an unwanted car at an impound lot. The towing company also found an urn with a man's remains, but couldn't seem to find a single soul who actually wanted the man's cremated ashes back. So the urn just sat in the towing company office freaking people out. They couldn't handle putting this man's remains in the dump.

After the story ran in the Pioneer Press this weekend, the towing company was flooded with calls from people eager to give their best ideas for tracking down the family or giving the man a final resting place.

Now the ordeal is over and the man's remains are back with his family. But you wouldn't believe some of the calls this towing company received.

More from the PiPress:

Police officers called after performing their own database searches on the Torrence family. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis called to say Torrence's ashes would be welcome at any of its cemeteries. The member of a church in Moose Lake, Minn., offered to take the urn if no one claimed it.

One family said they would be happy to put the urn in their own home, if worst came to worst.

Finally, a man called, saying he had attended Torrence's funeral -- and that one of his employees was Torrence's son. He would make sure the son called.

The son, Adam Torrence, 24, told Carlson his younger brother had been driving the Cadillac when it was stopped by police in April in North St. Paul and that he would come by Monday evening to pick it up. Adam Torrence told the Pioneer Press he was Lionois Torrence's son but did not comment further.