Unlike Bachmann, Klobuchar trusts the Census


Sen. Amy Klobuchar came out against Rep. Michele Bachmann's recent tirade against the Census, urging Minnesotans to fill it out to ensure we get our congressional seats and funding in the coming years.

Bachmann has been loud and proud about her plan to boycott the U.S. Census in 2010 by only filling out how many people live in her household. She thinks the questions are too personal and she fears ACORN is going to misuse the information.

During a Joint Economic Committee hearing, Klobuchar stated the importance the the Census and Minnesotans filling it out so we don't lose a congressional seat, according to Minnesota Public Radio.

Bachmann never encouraged anyone to completely boycott the Census because she said everyone should still fill out the number of people in their household for a population count. But she forgets that many Americans don't read into her craziness enough to understand what she is even saying.

Klobuchar sent out a press release with a statement similar to that given during the hearing:

"The Census has a profound impact on Minnesota's communities," Klobuchar said. "It's important that every Minnesotan is counted, so we get our fair share of congressional seats and federal funding."
In addition to her boycott, Bachmann has created a bill to change the Census and limit the questions asked. Her Census conspiracies aren't exactly taking root. Even her fellow Republicans told her to shut up. Many publications have debunked many of her claims, including her statement that ACORN members will be going door-to-door collecting personal information.