University of Wisconsin's Twitter probably hacked, definitely hilarious

Tough to argue with that

Tough to argue with that Richard Hurd, flickr/Twitter

Our academic institutions, unlike our president, tend to play it pretty safe with Twitter. Then there's the notable exception of @UWMadison, the official handle of the University of Wisconsin. 

Typically, the school blasts out tweets like "Relive your favorite memories and moments from #uwgrad weekend on," with perhaps a few emojis sprinkled in for fun. On Wednesday, however, the apparently hacked account went rogue, tweeting out hilariously obscene observations and a music video from recently jailed rapper XXXTentacion. 

Here's the screen-grabbed proof: 


Deadass fuck thots on god, indeed. 

Will the Badgers re-seize control of their Twitter and return to the humdrum status quo? Probably, but let's enjoy this curse-riddled, woke-ass messaging while it lasts. In the meantime, the University of Minnesota social media editor is sitting on a golden opportunity to clown the rival account. 

Update: Fun's over; @UWMadison is back to normal