University of Minnesota isn't on top, according to Trojan

Last year the University of Minnesota proudly paraded it's ranking as the top sexually healthy school in the country, according to Trojan condoms.

But in just one year and a change in the ranking method, the U of M took a nosedive to No. 23. In other words, run to Boynton and get tested for STDs ASAP.

The Trojan condoms annual Sexual Health Report Card ranked 139 colleges and universities in 13 separate categories, expanded from 11 in 2007. Most notable is the addition of an electronic student opinion poll which allowed students to grade their schools and resulted in a significant rankings shake up. This new methodology caused the U of M to drop in the ratings, Trojan said.

Look on the bright side. In 2006, the U of M ranked 54th. And at least we can't claim the worst sexual health like DePaul University, which came in dead last at 139. Gross.

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