University of Minnesota bridge collapse study backs up NTSB

The University of Minnesota released preliminary results of their independent 35W bridge collapse study that came to similar conclusions as the government study earlier this month, according to KSTP.

The National Transportation Safety Board said the increased capacity due to a design error construction equipment led to the collapse last year.

The University study results were released last night at the Institute of Technology public lecture "Investing in Infrastructure."

More from KSTP:

The researchers conducted their study of the gusset plates in two stages. In the first stage, they created two-dimensional and three-dimensional computer models representing the whole bridge. The second stage consisted of applying the forces calculated in these models to a detailed computer model of the node of the bridge that involved the suspected gusset plate.

The researchers plan to publish their final results in an academic research paper within the next six months. The University of Minnesota study was funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, the university's Center for Transportation Studies and the university’s Department of Civil Engineering.

So blaming the sun wasn't a total joke?

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