United States Postal Worker caught yeeting package across Minneapolis lawn

A Minneapolis homeowner's doorbell cam caught a postal worker handling his package in a rather airborne manner.

A Minneapolis homeowner's doorbell cam caught a postal worker handling his package in a rather airborne manner. Newsflare

Last Tuesday, a doorbell cam in Minneapolis was capturing an otherwise uneventful sunny day. Then the mail came.

The video begins as a U.S. Postal Service courier sidled down the sidewalk, stepped onto the lawn, and lobbed a cardboard box with one hand. It sailed across 10 yards of grass until it smacked into the porch railing and landed on the doorstep. The postal worker turned on her heel, jumped back into her truck, and drove off.

The footage has been passed around online, appearing on sites like Yahoo and MSN. It also appeared on Reddit, where commenters were more impressed by the mail carrier’s impeccable, effortless aim than anything else.

“Kobe!” one exclaimed.

“YEEET,” another helpfully added.

But according to Newsflare, the homeowner – identified only as “Greg” – is less than enthused. He said the package had contained a medical device.

“[I was] angry. I didn’t want the device to be broken,” he said. Nor did he want anyone to chuck a package through his storm door. “I think it’s ridiculous that Amazon and myself are customers and this is how we get treated.”

A Minnesota spokesperson for the United States Postal Service was surprised to hear about the video, saying nothing like that had been reported to their branch yet, but that she’d look into it. It’s hard to “address” problems like these, she says, if nobody tells the post office about them.

In an email to City Pages, Greg -- who preferred not to share his last name -- maintained that he had hit up the post office and filed a complaint, the very day the incident took place. 

It’s not uncommon for deliveries to get a little bit careless. Last year, a postal worker in Pennsylvania was caught on camera lobbing a family’s package from the truck window – only to pick up the discarded package and chuck it toward the front door. Similar incidents have been reported in heaving packages into puddles in Fort Worth and flinging them up flights of stairs in Coconut Creek.

So, if it’s any consolation to Greg, things could have been much worse.