Unfactcheckable Michele Bachmann touts KSTP's fact-check of misleading Jim Graves ad [VIDEO]

Graves has made too big of a deal out of Bachmann's response to the Verso Paper Mill disaster, KSTP concludes.
Graves has made too big of a deal out of Bachmann's response to the Verso Paper Mill disaster, KSTP concludes.

Michele Bachmann may be unfactcheckable herself, but that isn't stopping her campaign from making the veracity of Jim Graves' ads an issue.

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Over the weekend, Bachmann published a web post entitled, "Big-Spending Jim Graves' Attack Ad Receives 'D' Grade on 'Truth Test.'" And although Bachmann's been know to tell a whopper or three, we have to give her credit -- the Graves ad in question is indeed misleading.

Graves' ad hits Bachmann for not doing more to facilitate the reopening of Sartell's Verso Paper Mill open after an explosion and fire in late May caused significant property damage while killing one and injuring four. In the ad, a couple of the 259 employees who lost their jobs allege she "never called the workers, didn't reach out."

Here's the footage:

But in a KSTP "Truth Test," reporter Tom Hauser argues that the claim Bachmann "never called the workers" in true, strictly speaking, but "very misleading."

Hauser notes that while Bachmann herself didn't make it to Sartell until August 9 -- a week after officials for Memphis-based Verso announced they wouldn't be reopening the plant -- one of Michele's staffers was at the mill within an hour of the explosion and made two more trip to Sartell in early June. Bachmann also distributed a press release "offering assistance to the city and workers" shortly after Verso made the decision to keep the mill shuddered.

Michele "certainly lacked the personal touch in this case," Hauser says, "but her staff members are an extension of her office and they were in frequent contact with the people in Sartell."

"Because this ad gives the false impression Bachmann's office wasn't at all involved in the aftermath of this tragedy, it gets a 'D' in the truth test," Hauser concludes.

With Bachmann legitimately vulnerable on so many fronts, it's disappointing Graves would try to beat her at her own game.

In a tweet about Bachmann's web post, Twin Cities media reporter David Brauer characterized KSTP's unfavorable Graves Truth Test as an example of "why it sucks when [Democrats] cede the moral high ground."

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