Unemployed? Make working a publicity stunt like Daniel Seddiqui

The economy blows, you're a recent grad and you still can't find a job after failing 40 to 50 interviews. Daniel Seddiqui left all of you in the dust with the greatest "poor economy stunt" we've seen in awhile. How about trick companies into hiring you for a week and the ridiculous idea will actually get some press. And also trick Americans into believing that lacking long-term employment is cool. Seddiqui, 26, plans to have 50 jobs in 50 weeks in 50 states. We love a bad stunt when we see one and are frankly jealous we didn't think of it first.

Starting next week, Seddiqui will be working in Elk River for a medical, industrial, computer and aerospace device company. This will be his fifth week on the mission. He's already lined up 35 jobs including working as a hydrologist for the U.S. Geological Survey in Colorado and announcing for the South Dakota Rodeo Association. This week he's was a cartographer in North Dakota.

According to the Star Tribune story:

Seddiqui came up with the idea of working in every state - and possibly finding his dream job - after he bounced from job to job after graduating with an economics degree in 2005 from the University of Southern California. "I failed 40 to 50 job interviews," Seddiqui said.

Undaunted, he has held a raft of positions ranging from coaching cross-country running at Northwestern University to painting steps to tutoring elementary school-age children and doing accounting for a biomedical firm. He even coached football, even though he never played the game.

Seddiqui admits that spending eight months on the phone securing one-week paid and non-paid positions "is an odd way to find jobs and an odd way to get into most careers."

We won't argue with you on that one. Check out his Web site photos and blog for more info.

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