Unemployed 22-year-old resorts to plastering face on Mpls billboard in hopes of finding job

Olson adopted novel job search tactics.
Olson adopted novel job search tactics.

It seems like Bennett Olson could've found better ways to blow $300, but you can't blame an unemployed guy for pulling out all the stops, we suppose.

Olson, 22, doled out a few hundo to plaster his face on an electronic billboard towering above I-35W near where it intersects with the Midtown Greenway. Visible for eight seconds at a time as it rotated with other ads, Olson's billboard was on display for a total of 24 hours last week.

His short, to-the-point message? "Hire me!" The bottom of the billboard featured the URL to Olson's website, where his resume and contact information can be found.

Olson told KARE 11 that he lost his job at Treasure Island Casino last month and has been hunting for work since. The Rosemount resident sent out resume after resume after resume to no avail, and then started thinking more creatively.

Nobody can blame him for lack of effort.
Nobody can blame him for lack of effort.

"I was just trying to think of ideas to set myself apart from other people and to get myself out there and maybe catch the attention of somebody," Olson said, adding that the billboard's goal "was to get attention to then connect with people that could then lead me to a job."

Unfortunately, with the billboard's one-week run in the rear-view mirror, it appears Olson didn't accomplish his goal -- at least not yet. He said that while he has plenty of leads, he hasn't yet received a job offer, though he did receive an e-mail from the vice president of a laser tech company who wants to talk to him.

Olson is still wrapping up his business degree and is getting married this fall -- "it would be nice to have a job before then and get that all settled in," he told KARE. Maybe he would've been better off saving the $300 for graduate school.

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