Underage prostitution has a home on Craigslist, police say

Monday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Underage prostitution has a home on Craigslist, police say
The Minneapolis Police Department's Violent Offender Task Force has been closely watching Craigslist and continue to spot juvenile prostitution rings on the site. They have busted two operations in the past month, which they discovered on the Web site made popular by free classifieds. Last week, they arrested a man who allegedly used the site to offer the services of a 23-year-old woman and her 15-year-old sister. One police officer tells the Strib that a "majority of juvenile prostitution takes place on Craigslist."

Spring break tragedy: Armstrong student dies after 24-story fall from balcony
A 16-year-old student from Robbinsdale Armstrong High School in Plymouth dies Sunday after a 24-story fall from a balcony at the hotel where his family was vacationing. No word yet on how he fell, but Barret Forst Ugland died at the scene. Friends and family called him a great student and member of the high school football team.

Minnesotans filing earlier, getting more money back from IRS
We sure don't fit into this category, but congrats to those who do. The IRS says as of March 6, 1 million Minnesotans had filed federal tax returns, which is a 2 percent increase from last year at that time. Minnesotans are also receiving an average refund of $2,811.

Man shot to death while planning his wedding
What a terrible way to go out: While James Todd Rivers planned his wedding at a dinner with friends, one of the guests shot him in the back and killed him. Rivers's wedding was planned for August and he is survived by a 21-year-old daughter, a 5-year-old son, and a 1-year-old grandson. The suspected killer was someone who knew the fiancée's ex-boyfriend.

Ultimate waste of money: Jonas Bros. tix
Tweens will have to get over it. Tickets for the Jonas Bros. show at the Target Center are twice the price they were during their show here last year. Are people seriously paying $80 to take their daughters to see this band when they could lose their job at any moment? We sure hope not. Spend your money elsewhere, folks. These boys don't need your cash.

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