UND Saudi student uses aircraft bathroom and scares the crap out of everyone

You've heard of the quip "driving while black." Maybe now we have "pissing while Saudi," after three Saudi Arabian students flying to Grand Forks were detained for hours after one of them had the temerity to use an aircraft's bathroom.

The three were headed to the University of North Dakota on Sunday to study English as a second language and aviation, pre-registered as part of a perfectly legitimate academic program. Their passports and visas had already been checked out by a security detail at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport.

But up there in the friendly skies, one of them felt the call of nature.

In this era of post-9/11 paranoia, that kind of behavior counts as a 'suspicious condition.' A spooked flight attendant contacted the pilot. The pilot made an unscheduled stop in Fargo.

On the ground, the three confused Saudis were put in the back of squad cars for extended chats before being sent on their way. And no bombs, weapons or motivational tapes from Osama bin Laden were found anywhere on the Pinnacle Airlines commuter flight.

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