Umm, apparently thousands of Anytime Fitness employees have corporate logo tattoos

A new Burning Man logo? No, it's another pair of Anytime Fitness fanatics.

A new Burning Man logo? No, it's another pair of Anytime Fitness fanatics. Facebook

Love anything enough to have it permanently etched into your skin?

History tells us moms, crucifixes, sports teams, mistranslated Chinese characters, and various birds often rank. 

But how about your company's corporate logo? That's the case for thousands of employees and members of Anytime Fitness, according to a recent profile by Minnesota Monthly

Chuck Runyon and Dave Mortensen, co-founders of the Woodbury-based fitness firm, rock 'em, as do between 3,000 and 4,000 workers, Anytime PR honcho Mark Daly tells City Pages.

OK ...

Anyway, here's Emily Lofboom, a vendor relations manager for Anytime who, along with her husband and fellow employee, got inked up with the company's "Running Man" logo (see above): 

"My body reacted very similar to when I was in labor," she tells Minnesota Monthly. "You want it so bad that it’s worth it in the end, but my God, when you’re going through it, it sucks."

She continued: 


"It’s not like we just tattooed a logo on our body. It means so much more for us as people and as a family, and what this company has done for us and our lives. We can work hard at a place that has awesome, infectious passion, and we can help others with their fitness journeys as well, indirectly. I would never, ever regret it." 


Right ...

So yeah, going under the needle to rep Anytime is popular enough that the company constructed a full-service tattoo parlor at its new corporate headquarters, Minnesota Monthly reports. Tattoo artist Jimmy Hayden, whose clients include LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal, was even shipped in from his shop in Cleveland to decorate staffers. 

Uh huh ...

Moving along, the overarching cult of Anytime is apparently an appealing one, as the 14-year-old company's 3,000-plus gyms generate nearly $1 billion of annual revenue. 

At press time, approximately zero City Pages employees rock CP tats.