UMD student Alyssa Jo Lommel tweeted about tequila shots before she was found freezing [UPDATE]

Lommel is a St. Cloud native.
Lommel is a St. Cloud native.

:::: UPDATE :::: Alyssa Jo Lommel, UMD student who almost froze, still hasn't been told about her injuries

Around 9:30 a.m. Saturday, 19-year-old University of Minnesota-Duluth student Alyssa Jo Lommel was found passed out on a neighbor's porch. She had apparently been outside all night while temperatures dropped as low as 17 degrees below zero. As you'd imagine, she was suffering from severe hypothermia.

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Lommel was rushed to the hospital. As of last night, she was in "stable critical" condition, but her parents told the Duluth News Tribune she may end up losing one or more of her hands and feet.

On her CaringBride page, Lommel's father wrote yesterday that Alyssa Jo is "in very tough condition," according to a Northland NewsCenter report.

Police say Lommel was dropped off at her residence at 810 Woodland Avenue around midnight. More than nine hours later, she was found unconscious after a passerby reported seeing her outside her neighbor's place. Nobody was home at the neighbor's house that night.

Though no information has been released by authorities as to what Lommel was up to the night before she was found freezing to death, this tweet published Friday afternoon offers a clue:

UMD student Alyssa Jo Lommel tweeted about tequila shots before she was found freezing [UPDATE]
Alyssa Jo Lommel on Twitter

:::: UPDATE ::::

Yesterday, Duluth police released some new details about Lommel's Friday night. From the Duluth News Tribune:

The driver of [the pickup that dropped Lommel off around midnight] was asked how intoxicated Lommel was. Friends said she had been drinking for six hours, including a game where she took tequila shots. Police reported finding a Twitter entry from Lommel stating "Yum Yum 10th shot of tequila." [It appears that tweet, along with the one screengrabbed above, has been deleted from Lommel's account.]

The man who dropped her off told police that Lommel had "no more than usual" when it came to drinks that night.

"Just like a normal party chick," the report read when talking about the driver's observations. "She wasn't wasted. She could talk. And she wasn't falling-down drunk."

The St. Cloud Times, also citing police, reports that Lommel wasn't wearing a winter jacket or gloves Friday night. Footprints in the snow indicate she at one point tried to enter a car parked in the backyard of the house where she was eventually found unconscious on the porch.

Lommel remains in critical condition in a burn unit at Regions Hospital in St. Paul.

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