UFC 87 comes to Minnesota with Brock Lesnar headlining at Target Center

The UFC announced yesterday that UFC 87 will be broadcast to a national audience from the Target Center and will feature two notable Minnesota fighters: Brock Lesnar and Roger "El Matador" Huerta.

The event, subtitled "Seek and Destroy," marks the first time the UFC has staged a major event in Minnesota. Typically, the organization holds its fights in Las Vegas, though lately it has held events in more farflung locations, including Ireland and England.

"I am excited to be heading to Minnesota and Target Center with the first ever UFC in the state," said Dana White, UFC President.

"Target Center is very excited to host the Ultimate Fighting Championship right here in Minneapolis, Minnesota! UFC 87 will no doubt be one of the biggest events in the arena's 18 year history," stated Andy Warg, Director of Booking, Target Center.

Ticket information and fight details after the jump.

Tickets for UFC 87: SEEK AND DESTROY will go on sale Sunday, May 25 at 12 Noon CT and will be priced at $600, $400, $250, $125, $75 and $50. Tickets for UFC 87 will be available at Target Center's Box Office, all Ticketmaster outlets, online at or by calling 651.989.5151.

The headlining event pits Brock Lesnar against former UFC champion Mark Coleman. In his UFC debut, Lesnar

found himself badly outmatched

by a skilled jiu-jitsu player. Coleman should present a much better chance for Lesnar, because the fight pits two top collegiate wrestlers against each other, with the advantage of youth going to Brock.

I interviewed Coleman for a story that was later reprinted in the book Notes from the Underground: The Most Outrageous Stories from the Alternative Press. I vividly remember sitting on his couch watching a DVD of him kneeing Alan Goes into unconsciousness while Mark nonchalantly commented that he thought the ref was a little slow stepping in.

The other match pits fast-rising lightweight (and

Sports Illustrated

coverboy) Roger Huerta against Kenny Florian, who lost a fight for the lightweight belt to Minnesota's own Sean Sherk, as recounted in

this City Pages feature


The spectacle grew more gruesome as it proceeded. By the third round, the octagon looked like a slaughterhouse, the floor awash in gore.

"It gets in your head, just knowing that blood's all over you," Florian says. "It's kind of a disgusting feeling. That blood becomes like a red oil. As far as trying to execute certain techniques, it becomes damn near impossible. For me, it was worse, because that blood was dripping directly into my eyes, my ears, my mouth. I couldn't see out there. I'm gargling on Sherk's blood."

I actually think the Huerta/Ken-Flo match is the one to watch and has the potential for fight of the year. They're both well-conditioned, innovative lightweights, and this will essentially decide the No. 1 contender to fight the winner of the upcoming title fight between Sherk and B.J. Penn.

UFC 87 comes to Minnesota with Brock Lesnar headlining at Target Center

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