U of Minn. students prepare for zombie apocalypse. Seriously.


You could spend hours browsing the ridiculously long list of student groups at the University of Minnesota, but there probably is only one planning for a zombie apocalypse.

We'd like to say we are making this up, but we aren't.

The Minnesota Association for Zombie Enthusiasts formed this fall and about 12 students show up for each meeting.

So in all honesty, why do college students need to join together against zombies? They're a serious threat, apparently.

Here is their group description:

Zombies are an impending threat on human kind. Our organization is a place where people can discuss and learn more about zombies. We are a friendly community of people from all different backgrounds that all share a common interest in zombies. This is a great place to meet people that have similar interests, but may be from different colleges within the U of M. We are a rather relaxed and flexible organization that is looking for people of different backgrounds to add to our community. Our overall goal is to come up with a solid "Zombie Apocalypse Plan" for the University.
And what do they do at their meetings? They "primarily be watching zombie movies and having discussions on the following topics: zombie literature, zombie films, and of course each individual's own "Zombie Apocalypse Plan." Oh, of course. We all have zombie apocalypse plans, right? (silence.)

One of the main points of student groups is to provide some service to the U of M. So what are they providing our state? A better understanding of the danger of zombies. Just what we need, right?

The Minnesota Daily profiled the group and details some of these plans for the inevitable invasion of the living dead.

Graham said when drafting survival plans, the ideas are rooted in zombie culture common sense such as always escaping to the highest level possible in a building and destroying the stairs behind you.

Gruba added that the group also uses a scale to rank a zombie outbreak ranging from one to four, with one being fewer than 11 zombies and four being a world-wide outbreak.

The group also wants to identify trouble areas during an attack such as the Washington Avenue Bridge where congestion could prove fatal, Gruba said.

"General knowledge is the best knowledge," Gruba said. "There is no safe place."

In other words, we're screwed. If the zombies don't get us, these zombie-obsessed students will.