U of Minn. students dive into garbage pile for fun

Wednesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp: 

There's nothing like a morning swimming in garbage, all in the name of Mother Earth
Here's an interesting promotional idea at the University of Minnesota: Dump a truckload of garbage in front of Coffman Union and force students to dive in looking for items that should have been recycled. Free labor! Let's just hope they don't contract salmonella or some other awesome illness from their romp in the trash.

Spray fox urine on trespassers, but don't wear illegal goggles 
A Willmar man who sprayed teens with fox urine to keep his yard from being toilet-papered isn't in trouble for the nasty attack on the tresspassers. Nope, he faces a felony charge for allegedly possessing stolen military night vision goggles. This guy was serious about keeping his yard TP-free.

Yes, there are coyotes in town and it's mating season. Some dog owners have even encountered them while out with their pup and the animals actually interact like domesticated dogs. The animals are wild and unpredictable, but experts advise scaring the animals if they get too close. You know, throw a snowball at a wild animal that looks like it could take you down in a moment's notice.

Pool owners are scrambling to meet the new Minnesota's new Abigail Taylor Pool Safety Act guidelines for anti-entrapment covers on all pool drains. The law was created after the death of Abigail, a 6-year-old Edina girl who became stuck on a pool drain in a shallow pool.

Minnesota authorities want to kind remind motorists that seat belts save lives. In case you haven't figured that out yet. Six of the seven people who died last month in car accidents weren't wearing their seat belts. Get with it, people.