U of Minn. serial bike-by groper pleads guilty, sentenced

U of Minn. serial bike-by groper pleads guilty, sentenced
Photo courtesy of the University of Minnesota

The 41-year-old man charged with groping nine women on the University of Minnesota campus earlier this year pleaded guilty Tuesday. Phillip William Acosta pleaded guilty to three charges of fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct and was sentenced to probation and treatment for his fascination with groping stranger genitals.

Acosta will go through residential sex-offender treatment and get help for other mental health issues and drug addiction. His six other charges were dropped. As long as he stops groping ladies, he won't head to jail for the crimes.

The attacks happened in late January and early February. Acosta would do his bike-by groping and grab the woman's butt and genitals. He never knew the victims and had no significant criminal history prior to the incidents.

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