U of Minn. president not down with stadium-wide booze sales


If you want to drink booze at the new University of Minnesota football stadium on campus, you'll have to be privileged, says University President Robert Bruininks.

There is a bill in the Minnesota House that would allow the sale of alcohol anywhere in the 50,0000-seat stadium, but Bruininks is sticking to his position of only serving in the premium seats and private suites of the stadium when it opens in September.

More from Minnesota Public Radio:
President Robert Bruininks told the university's board of regents today that provision would make it hard to monitor the sale of alcohol to students only of legal drinking age.

"I will not bring a recommendation to the board to serve alcohol in the bowl of stadium," he said. "It's a part of the stadium that will include 20 percent, that is, 20 percent of the fans will be students of the University of Minnesota. So that is not a recommendation you can expect to hear from me."

Even if alcohol isn't sold at the new TCF Stadium, it could still be served in premium seats. Currently alcohol can be served, but not sold, in club rooms on campus as Mariucci and Williams arenas.

Just another reason to invest in a beer bong for your crappy Dinkytown apartment, right?