U of M: Worldwide leader in ethanol debunking


Time has a great story debunking the clean energy myth. Several studies at the University of Minnesota are cited to show the impact of widespread Ethanol demand.

One of the studies revealed that we're digging ourselves a 400-year-hole with ethanol:

A study by University of Minnesota ecologist David Tilman concluded that it will take more than 400 years of biodiesel use to "pay back" the carbon emitted by directly clearing peat lands to grow palm oil; clearing grasslands to grow corn for ethanol has a payback period of 93 years. The result is that biofuels increase demand for crops, which boosts prices, which drives agricultural expansion, which eats forests.

The U of M also established that converting food into fuel is leaving more people hungry:

Four years ago, two University of Minnesota researchers predicted the ranks of the hungry would drop to 625 million by 2025; last year, after adjusting for the inflationary effects of biofuels, they increased their prediction to 1.2 billion.