U of M to administer Breathalyzer tests to stadium-frequenting alcohol offenders


Looking to combat the scourge of alcohol-induced euphoria in football stadiums, neo-prohibitionists will introduce a breathalyzer system at when the U of M's TCF Stadium opens this fall.

The program, dubbed "Check BAC," is one of many steps University police and officials are taking to quell excessive livliness, gaiety, and enthusiasm during Gopher game days.

From the Minnesota Daily:

Check BAC is modeled after a University of Wisconsin-Madison program. If a student is caught for underage consumption or ejected from the stadium for public intoxication, they are automatically enrolled in the program. If the student comes back to a game that same season, they will be required to provide a breath sample on a portable breath tester.

If they are underage and have alcohol in their system, they will not be allowed entry into the game. Even if they are of age, depending on their level on intoxication, they might not be admitted into the stadium.

Look: we hate obnoxious assholes who can't handle their liquor almost as much as we loathe teetotallers, but to deny entrance to an of-legal-drinking-age fan on the grounds that his/her inebriation might spark a riot seems a bit paranoid. Or maybe that's just the booze talking.

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