U of M student's Facebook picture used in faux nudies

Internet pervs catch up with modern technology

Internet pervs catch up with modern technology

A University of Minnesota student began receiving some unsavory phone calls and text messages earlier this year from creepy men who liked her nude photos.

This was unpleasant news to the U of M sophomore, who says she never posed for the pictures. Someone lifted a picture of the student's face from her Facebook page and cloned it onto the bodies of various other naked women.


Sounds like they did a pretty good job, too.

"The pictures they put up of these naked girls were very well done," Lisa said. "At first I didn't realize it was actually my face because it was so clean cut onto the pictures."
Accompanying the photo was the student's phone number. Her last name was also listed on the post -- which is not on her Facebook page -- indicating that she likely knows whoever posted the pictures.

The U student found one of several websites hosting her faux nudies earlier this month and reported it to police, but no one has so far been arrested for the crime.