U of M student jogger stabbed by mugger

A University of Minnesota student was stabbed near campus by a would-be mugger while jogging last night.

The student was out for some late-night exercise near the intersection of 11th Avenue and Sixth Street SE when a grungy looking man with a green jacket and a beard started babbling to him under his breath. The student paused to see what the man wanted, only to realize the guy was trying to mug him.

"He asked him to empty his pockets -- some words to that effect," says University of Minnesota Chief-Deputy Chuck Miner.

The student told the suspect he didn't have any money on him, as joggers generally don't. But the bearded suspect wasn't satisfied and the two started grappling with each other.

"There was a struggle and the student was stabbed with a non-life threatening stab wound," says Miner.

Realizing he'd been stabbed in the torso, the student ran away and flagged down a car to take him to the hospital.

"Last I heard he was in stable condition," says Miner.

The University of Minnesota Police Department sent out a crime alert to students, found here. Because the incident happened off campus, Miner says it's now being investigated by Minneapolis police.

Here's a description of the suspected mugger from university police:

The suspect is described as a white male in his late 30s, approximately five feet six inches to five feet nine inches tall with a graying beard. The suspect was wearing a green jacket with white on the side, possibly a white hoodie sweatshirt underneath, and black jeans.

Miner says he hasn't heard of any suspects matching the same description from other crimes around the university.

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