U of M spent over $5 million per football win, but still made money

Talk about getting little on-field bang for the buck.

A Memphis Business Journal analysis indicates that during the 2010-11 academic year, the University of Minnesota spent $17 million on its football program -- the 36th most out of any school in the country and the ninth-most in the Big Ten. That season, which was the last in the disastrous tenure of coach Tim Brewster, the team went 3-9.

In other words, the U of M spent over $5 million per football win. But despite disappointing on-field results year in and year out, the football program is a huge money-maker for the school -- an analysis by The Business of College Sports found that the U of M made $16.5 million from football in 2009-10.

The $17 million the U of M invested in the football program constituted 21 percent of the $79 million the Gophers spent on sports, which ranked 20th out of all schools.

Unsurprisingly, the second most expensive program was men's basketball. The U of M spent $5.5 million on that, which was 40th in the country and sixth in the Big Ten.

Overall, the U of M ranked sixth in total sports spending out of all 12 Big Ten schools. Ohio State topped the conference at over $113 million, followed by Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Penn State.

Texas led all Division 1 schools with $126 million spent on sports, and Ohio State was second. Coppin State spent the least of all D1 schools at $3.7 million.

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