U of M scooter rider gets hit by car, turned into a meme [VIDEO]

This scary scooter crash did not result in severe injury or death, and is therefore pretty funny.

This scary scooter crash did not result in severe injury or death, and is therefore pretty funny. dsmith0308/Reddit

If you're bold enough to track down video of the dumbest thing you've done and post it online, please know that people will laugh at you.

And if you post it to Reddit? Prepare to have your moment of infamy reborn, over and over again, as a meme.

That's what's happened to one young man, a University of Minnesota student who recently survived a harrowing moment that could easily have gotten him severely injured or killed. By the guy's admission, this was all of his own making.

A Reddit user going by the name "dsmith0308" shared a video on the University of Minnesota sub-Reddit this week, explaining in the post's headline that he "got hit by a car about a month ago and survived," though he "didn't get a check tho [sic] since it was my fault." 

This description was punctuated with a shrug emoji, a facepalm emoji, and a crying emoji, evocative depictions of the emotions you, the viewer, may experience while watching (and rewatching) this student ride his scooter diagonally across a University Avenue intersection -- and directly into the path of an oncoming car.

In a move we can't tell made things better or worse, the man ditches his ride at the last second, instead trying to... run away from the car? This does not happen.

Instead the rider-cum-pedestrian gets his legs taken out and winds up on the hood of the car.  The driver brakes to a swift stop, tossing the student off the car and onto the pavement. It looks nasty. The short clip ends with witnesses gathering and the driver opening the door to check on the person who's just bounced off their car like a rubber ball.

I got hit by a car about a month ago and survived����‍♂️ Didn’t get a check tho since it was my fault����‍♂️�� from r/uofmn

Though dsmith didn't respond to a message from City Pages, he did provide some answers in the replies to his post. 

For example: Uh... what the hell was he thinking? The car next to him "was slowing down" to turn, the rider explains, he "thought [he] could make it," though he "didn't see the red car" until it was (much!) too late.

It sounds like his legs got the worst of it: He "was shaken up at first" but able to walk away from the scene, though not long after was "barely able to walk" and "needed crutches." By the next day, he was "able to walk to [Raising] Cane's," thus fulfilling a counter-service fried chicken craving known to every American undergraduate student.

Uninjured and still able to obtain chicken, dsmith0308 doesn't mind if you laugh at his mistake. "I did too when I first saw the video," he tells one respondent.

With that in mind, the bright minds of University of Minnesota Reddit seized on this student's near-maiming, turning a freeze-frame on the moment of impact into a template for memes about things you really should've seen coming, but somehow missed until it was too late.







Look both ways before crossing the street, students and scooter-riders, and look not upon Reddit for forgiveness.