U of M ranked 35th best university in the world

Northrop Auditorium -- aka the performance space located in the heart of the world's 35th best university.

Northrop Auditorium -- aka the performance space located in the heart of the world's 35th best university. Jeff Wheeler/Star Tribune

Planet Earth boasts many universities, but only one is considered the 35th best by the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) -- the University of Minnesota Twin Cities! 

That's up 11 spots from the U's last CWUR performance, good enough for an 85.9 out of 100 total score. No other Minnesota schools made the list of 1,000 universities, which was released Monday.  

Based in the United Arab Emirates, CWUR is a consulting firm that's been ranking universities since 2012. Among the data analyzed in its rankings: quality of education (U of M ranked 131st), alumni employment (302nd), quality of faculty (76th), research output (24th), quality publications (21st), influence (35th), and citations (28). In total, research-related data accounted for 70 percent of each university's score. 

Here are CWUR's top 10 universities for 2017-'18: 

1. Harvard University (U.S.; 100 total score)
2. Stanford University (U.S.; 96.7)
3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (U.S.; 95.1)
4. University of Cambridge (U.K.; 94.0)
5. University of Oxford (U.K.; 93.2)
6. University of California, Berkeley (U.S.; 92.5)
7. Princeton University (U.S.; 91.9)
8. Columbia University (U.S.; 91.4)
9. California Institute of Technology (U.S.; 91.0)
10. University of Chicago (U.S.; 90.6) 

Just like in football, the Wisconsin Badgers (No. 27; 86.9 score) outperformed the Golden Gophers.

With 213 universities represented, the U.S. dominated the rankings. China (108) came in second, followed by the United Kingdom (62), France (58), Japan (56), Germany (54), Italy (45), Spain (38), South Korea (35), and Canada (28). 

If you don't trust CWUR, chew on these numbers: Over at U.S. News & World Report, the University of Minnesota Twin Cities ranks as the 42nd best university globally (and tied for 69th best college nationally); Times Higher Education says the U is the 56th best university globally (and 122nd best college nationally). 

Notice the impressive lack of typos in this blog post? Well, that should come as no surprise, as its author has a degree from the University of Minnesota. Ski-U-Mah, haters!

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