U of M marching band needs your "Hawaii Five-O" vote [VIDEO]

The Gophers marching band: Book 'em.
The Gophers marching band: Book 'em.

The Gophers football team is having hard time getting its act together. So until that happens, our money's on the marching band.

It's taking part in a promotional stunt for the remake of "Hawaii Five-O" that pits it against other bands from around the country on YouTube.

You can watch them play the famous theme song from the show, and then vote for them before Oct. 4. If they win, they get $25,000 and a slot on the show.

Unlike the guys on the gridiron, the Gophers musicians are looking pretty disciplined here. So go on and cast a vote for the hometown band. Here they are:

And here's the original show's intro:

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