U of M Interfraternity Council lifts drinking ban

As you were, boys.

As you were, boys.

After six weeks of Interfraternity Council-imposed sobriety, the alcohol ban on University of Minnesota fraternities has been lifted. Give me your underaged masses yearning to drink free -- to the Row!

The council members enacted the ban after three sexual assaults were reported at the frats within two weeks this fall. Its repeal, they insist, is not a return to rapiness as usual.


The council has a couple of new rules for parties where alcohol is being served:

1. Each guest must be invited by a member of the frat.

2. The ratio of guests to guys must be one-to-one.

The Office of Student Affairs has also created a peer-monitoring enforcement body called Arkeo, soon to be known as "Narc-eo." IFC members are also toying with the idea of employing private security should the rules be relaxed even further.

The ban's repeal is just the latest in a return to normalcy on Frat Row. Although DKE was suspended and Chi Psi took on a house dad, two of the three sexual assault investigations -- one at Chi Psi and another at Delta Kappa Epsilon -- have been closed by the MPD without criminal charges. The final investigation at Phi Gamma Delta is still open.