U of M instates a hiring "pause," milks big PR move


A hiring freeze is a hiring freeze as far as we are concerned. But of course calling it a "pause" is so much more relaxing, calming and understandable. The art of public relations these days isn't fooling anyone.

The University of Minnesota announced a hiring "pause" yesterday in the face of uncertain finances and support from the state. Managers are required to get every job post approved and are asked to only fill essential positions. Does the University hire people now that they don't really need? Yep, we've seen it with our own eyes.

From the Star Tribune:

"I use the term 'pause' intentionally," President Robert Bruininks wrote in a statement to staff. "At this time, this is a temporary action, taken in the face of financial uncertainty."

The university fills about 2,500 positions a year, said spokesman Daniel Wolter, although many of those are internal hires and in this economy, fewer people might choose to leave.

The move "is certainly not to say we won't be hiring people," Wolter said. "Some positions are needed, particularly some faculty positions. The impact on students is going to be minimized."

Cut the pork, University, but don't lower the quality of education.