U of M Has Shiny New Renderings of Its $190 Million Athletics Village

This is going to change everything

This is going to change everything

The University of Minnesota is in the home stretch of fundraising for its $190 million plan upgrading its athletic facilities.

Nothing gets wealthy donors more excited than cool new renderings (except winning), so yesterday the Gophers athletic department released a new batch on the project's website:

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The project includes new practice spaces for football and basketball, a "Center for Excellence" dedicated to nutrition and academics, and upgrades to track and field facilities.

If this doesn't pull Gophers football and men's basketball out of a decades-long slump of mediocrity, nothing will.

Before you get all fired up over our state spending more money on sports facilities, know that the whole thing will be paid for by private donors. Rich people must really love sports.


Click to page two for a half-dozen more renderings to gaze upon.

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