U of M frat Delta Upsilon suspended without explanation as investigation is launched

Two new sexual assault complaints were filed earlier this month, though it's unknown if they're related to the investigation.

Two new sexual assault complaints were filed earlier this month, though it's unknown if they're related to the investigation. Marisa Comeau-Kerege

As frat brothers at the Delta Upsilon house began gearing up for the warm weekend last Friday, their plans hit a road block. Just after 6 p.m., the fraternity received an email from its international chapter saying they were to stop all activities until further notice.

The email said the University of Minnesota frat was under emergency temporary suspension until a thorough investigation could be conducted.

The brothers soon learned that one of their own, physics senior Dawson Kimyon, had sparked the investigation.

“[Kimyon] is a good guy, smart. But he, for some reason, has all of the sudden gotten some unusual morality,” says Don Powell, the frat's alumni counselor. “He said to me he thought it was immoral not to send the email to international.”

But Kimyon refused to tell his brothers what he had told them, according to Powell. Kimyon not only found problems in his own fraternity but believes “the whole Greek system is out of control,” Powell adds.

A press release sent by the international chapter stated the investigation included “inappropriate chapter culture, behavior and operations.”

Fraternity brothers agreed to not comment on the investigation for now.

A story by the university’s student newspaper, The Minnesota Daily, focused on allegations of sexual assault that occurred two years ago. Those incidents involved two fraternity brothers who were accused of rape and sexual assault. The victims reached out to both the university as well as the international chapter.

Of the two students accused of sexual misconduct, one was expelled from the university and kicked out of the fraternity. The other was suspended for a semester. The school's Student Behavior Committee ruled that while he “did engage in non-consensual sexual contact,” his actions “were not malicious in nature.”

Neither was officially charged.

“This was all finished up last spring,” says Powell. “So the thing that really pains me is that it’s hurting every single person currently at the fraternity who had nothing to do whatsoever with these two guys.”

Yet the latest investigation may stem from new accusations.

Ten days before the fraternity’s suspension order, the school passed two new assault complaints to the university police department, both of which supposedly occurred at Delta Upsilon. It's unknown when the complaints were actually filed, or if police are investigating.

The first one is alleged to have happened on April 9, 2016, and was labeled as fondling.

The second occurred in spring of 2015 and was originally reported as assault, but was upgraded by the school as a possible sexual assault.

It is still unclear as to whether or not these incidents have anything to do with the ongoing investigation.

Powell, an alumnus from the class of 1966, believes that regardless of the outcome of the investigation, the fraternity’s 100-plus year reputation at the university is ruined and that it will not be able to recover from this.

“I really don’t think we can,” he says.

Frat members are already searching to find new housing for next year.