U of M denounces dubious “white student union” Facebook page

The purported "union" is part of a national wave of Facebook pages with no apparent student ties.

The purported "union" is part of a national wave of Facebook pages with no apparent student ties.

All across the country, Facebook pages supposedly representing white student groups are popping up. Among the 30-plus pages is one dubbed a White Student Union for the University of Minnesota, claiming to be a “group dedicated to celebrating the ingenuity and the intelligence of the Peoples of Europe & their hardworking spirit.”

The “group” appears to have been created around Nov. 21, the same weekend many others emerged, and has shared stories about the “dangerous myth” of white privilege and suggested Joe White Guy gets treated like a second-class citizen. As of this writing, the Minnesota page had 130 likes.

“White students across the country are being told that their participation is no longer allowable because they're White,” begins one post. “Again, it begs the question, do Whites have the right to assemble or don't they?”

Currently at the University of Minnesota, there is a Black Student Union, an Asian-American Student Union, a La Raza...

But there's no indication these “white student unions” are backed by any actual students. In response, the U of M issued a statement saying the Minnesota page has no affiliation with the school. It accused whoever runs it of hiding behind deceit.

“This anonymous page appears to have been created for inflammatory purposes by outsiders, and the University of Minnesota has asked Facebook to remove it,” the statement says. “The page is deceptive, anonymous, and has not been posted by or reflects the opinions of students at the University of Minnesota.”

Admins of the U of M page did respond to requests for comment.

Unconfirmed reports link the rash of pages to several white supremacist blogs and social media accounts, including the Daily Stormer, which reportedly had a fan in homicidal racist Dylann Roof. The Stormer’s Andrew Anglin tells the Washington Post he has no direct ties to the pages, though he has long advocated for such groups.

In a blog post beneath a banner full of Holocaust-denial and pro-deportation statements, Anglin rips “the Jewish media” for calling the anonymous, unaffiliated pages a hoax, and insists that their “deeply ingrained hypocrisy” can’t keep organized whitey down.

Okay then.