U bans booze at all school sports venues


The new University of Minnesota football stadium and all other sports venues on campus will be dry after the Board of Regents voted to ban booze at athletic events.

The vote came after the Minnesota Legislature passed a law that required the U of M to take an all-or-nothing approach to alcohol. The school had previously considered allowing alcohol to be served in the boxes, suites, and club rooms of the football stadium, but not in the general public seats.

More from the Star Tribune:

Two regents, Verona Hung and David Larson, voted against the ban. Hung said she was concerned about the economic viability of the stadium, which she said could be affected if the ban hurts income from luxury suites.

Regent Anthony Baraga, a longtime opponent of all alcohol sales on campus, said he was "proud that my fellow regents are coming around to my way of thinking."

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