Tyler Graening charged with rape after posting about relationship with girl, 14, on Facebook

Tyler Graening
Tyler Graening

According to his public Facebook page (see it here), Tyler Graening's love life has been a rollercoaster ride this summer. On June 23, five days after leaving his job at McDonald's, the 20-year-old got engaged to a girl we'll call KEH. The next month, the two were married, but things apparently didn't go smoothly, as on August 2 Graening switched his relationship status from "Married" to "In a Complicated Relationship."

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The only problem? His girl is literally a girl -- KEH is 14.

Oh, and according to reports, Graening is also a convicted sex offender. (It's unclear what exactly he was convicted of -- a search of his Minnesota court records reveals a serious speeding ticket but nothing else.)

In fact, the reason authorities became curious about his Facebook page in the first place was because he failed to register as a sex offender when he moved from Minnesota to West Fargo. But once police looked at it and saw all the posts about his relationship with KEH, they brought her in for questioning.

Forum Communications tells the story from there:

The police report states that during a police inter-view with Cruff, the 14-year-old told him she and Graening had been in a sexual relationship and that at one time she believed she was pregnant after he told her the condom he was using broke.

A witness told Cruff he had been in a West Fargo hotel room with the girl and Graening when they were having sex.

Graening has been charged with two felonies -- gross sexual imposition and failure to register as a sexual offender. He's also been charged with a misdemeanor count of corruption of a minor.

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