Tyler Braunschweig didn't slow his SUV after hitting Matt Call, police say

Braunschweig didn't let nearly killing a pedestrian get in the way of his trip from Lyn-Lake back to the U.
Braunschweig didn't let nearly killing a pedestrian get in the way of his trip from Lyn-Lake back to the U.

On the evening of June 27, Tyler Braunschweig was driving northbound on Lyndale Ave. on his way back to the U of M when he ran into and nearly killed Matt Call. And even though he knew he hit a person, he didn't stop or even slow down his vehicle after the accident, police say.

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The criminal complaint charging Braunschweig, 19, with a felony count of criminal vehicular operation provides some details about the circumstances of the hit-and-run that left Call with two broken legs, a fractured pelvis, and broken vertebrae, and Braunschweig on the lam for the better part of four months.

From the complaint (emphasis mine):

Officers spoke with witnesses at the scene who advised that M.C. [i.e., Matt Call] was standing next to the driver's side of his legally parked vehicle, parked on the east side of Lyndale Ave. S., when he was struck by an SUV occupied by a white male driver and a white male passenger. The collision caused damage to M.C.'s vehicle and propelled M.C. forward approximately 15 feet, where M.C. struck the pavement. The SUV fled the scene immediately after striking M.C. M.C. was transported to HCMC by ambulance. As a result of the collision, M.C. suffered two broken legs, a fractured pelvis, and several broken vertebrae.

Officers recovered surveillance footage from a neighboring homeowner. The footage shows M.C. standing next to his vehicle. A black Jeep Grand Cherokee with grey trim and a Wisconsin license plate travels north on Lyndale Ave. The vehicle is driven by a white male. The footage shows the Jeep Grand Cherokee knocking M.C. forward as it passes. The vehicle does not slow or stop after striking M.C...

Law enforcement received two tips identifying the driver of the vehicle as TYLER ADAM BRAUNSCHWEIG, dob 10/29/92, defendant herein. The defendant was registered as a student at the University of Minnesota at the time of the collision. The defendant's physical appearance matches the driver observed in the surveillance footage. Through these tips, officer identified the passenger of the vehicle, G.T. (adult male fully identified in the police reports). In a statement, G.T. advised that the defendant was driving the Jeep Grand Cherokee that struck M.C. G.T. stated that he told the defendant several times following the collision that the defendant should stop and turn around. The defendant continued driving back to the University without stopping.

Investigators then used Braunschweig's driver's license and vehicle registration information to trace the SUV back to his parents' home in Appleton, Wisconsin. The Braunschweig family's insurance company confirmed that a claim had been filed for damage to the SUV, damage purportedly caused by a collision with a deer.

Tyler's decision not to stop after he hit Call could cost him dearly. He now faces up to five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine. He was released from custody last Thursday after posting $20,000 bail, and is due in court November 7.

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