Tyler Bowling sues CBS show 'The Doctors', says he was tricked into appearing for penis blemishes

Tyler Bowling sues CBS show 'The Doctors', says he was tricked into appearing for penis blemishes

A 22-year-old Lakeville man is suing the CBS show "The Doctors" after he says he was tricked into appearing to discuss his embarrassing penis blemishes in front of a studio audience. Tyler Bowling says the procedure he got for free in exchange for his appearance didn't even work and now he is being teased and harassed by people who saw him on the show.

Bowling has pearly penile papules, which are harmless bumps on the penis that resemble small pimples. They are not contagious.

Bowling contacted Dr. William Groff in January 2009 to ask about the laser treatment for PPP. He made an appointment with the doctor for the next month and planned to spend $4,500 for the laser procedure. After he made the appointment, Bowling says a secretary called him and said he could get the treatment for free if he would discuss his condition on "The Doctors."

Just minutes later, a producer from the show called about his appearance, but Bowling says he never signed a waiver giving the show permission to view his medical records. Despite a number of red flags, Bowling got on a plane to Los Angeles that day.

When Bowling arrived and started to show unease with appearing on the show, he says the secretary told him only doctors and medical students tuned into the show. He says he was never told he would be appearing in front of a live 200-person audience.

More from Courthouse News:

Then (the producer) told Bowling the show would be broadcast nationwide on CBS.

"Based on this newly disclosed information, plaintiff immediately voiced his reservations and second thoughts about appearing," the complaint states. "Lauree Dash proceeded to cajole, assuage and persuade plaintiff that appearing was no 'big deal' and that no one would see the episode and that plaintiff's appearance would be anonymous," according to the complaint.

When Bowling reluctantly agreed, he says, Dash pulled out a video camera and asked "a leading question in regard to a release." Producers then shoved a bunch of release forms in front of him and persuaded him to sign, Bowling says. After that, the producers escorted Bowling onstage in front of the live audience, he says.

Watch the clip of Bowling on The Doctors:

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