Two U of M students caught having sex inside the Bell Museum

The students gave a whole new meaning to "Driven to Discover."
The students gave a whole new meaning to "Driven to Discover."

Two University of Minnesota students should've gotten a room, just not one inside the Bell Museum of Natural History.

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A 21-year-old dude and his 18-year-old girlfriend were busted bumping uglies inside the museum during the afternoon of July 9. The two told police they were "exploring the university" when they came upon a seemingly private area inside the museum and decided to take it off. That seemed like a great idea until they heard people approaching and hastily tried to get dressed.

They weren't able to put their clothes on and throw away the, um, evidence quickly enough to avoid detection, however. A WCCO report explains:

A witness told police that she found the two in the hiding spot and saw underwear and a condom wrapper on the ground. She told the two of them to get out.

That witness was a day camp leader who was leading a number of children through the museum that afternoon. Police said the other camp leader distracted the kids while the first was telling the two to get dressed and leave.

Police say no one actually witnessed any sexual activity in the incident, but the two students were issued a trespass warning.

Well, at least they were being safe, and in fairness, science is kinda hot, right?

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