Two RNC protesters plead not guilty


The two men from Texas who were indicted on charges of attempting to use homemade explosives at the Republican National Convention pleaded not guilty today.

According to Minnesota Public Radio:

The government alleged that Bradley Crowder, 23, and David McKay, 22, had manufactured Molotov cocktails to hurl at police cars during last month's RNC. That information was based on two FBI informants and audio and video surveillance.

McKay's attorney Jeff Degree said his client is taking a cautious approach in pleading not guilty. He says he's still waiting to see the government's reports, and will focus on the conduct of some of the FBI's informants.

"It's pretty clear from what's been filed here and in other courts in Minnesota that law enforcement has been using some pretty aggressive techniques with informants, infiltrating all of these different groups," said Degree. "Informants always have their own agendas and their own reasons for doing what they're doing."

The use of evidence from informants to prosecute protesters has been receiving heavy criticism since the RNC because informants could have their own agendas, including payment, for producing information. Some also accuse informants of suggesting violent acts and then using protester response to report them.

Both men are in custody and their trial is set to begin Nov. 24 in federal court in Minneapolis.

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