Two months left to shine lasers at cockpits?


For every law on the books, you'd think there would be one that would already make it illegal to blind a pilot in a cockpit. Apparently not.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty just signed a bill into law Tuesday that makes it illegal to point a laser at an aircraft cockpit in Minnesota starting Aug. 1.

The crime will be a gross misdemeanor when the person "knowingly aims and discharges a laser or other device that creates visible light into the cockpit of an aircraft that is in the process of taking off or landing or is in flight," according to the Star Tribune.

Last time we remember laser pointers even being a topic of concern, they were just a childish annoyance. Kids would sneak them into performances at the Orpheum during school field trips and spend the whole show pointing the red laser at all of the boobs on stage. Apparently this laser pointer and plane thing has been a nationwide problem that caused a lot of panic. People were using green laser pointers, which are much brighter than red lasers, to temporarily blind people in cockpits. Way to ruin all the fun, guys.

An Eagan man was arrested last year after police suspected he was aiming a green laser at a helicopter.

So instead of blinding pilots, maybe it's time to start blinding next door neighbors? What a riot.