Two Minneapolis firefighters embroiled in drug charges

Lawrence Wajda, the Minneapolis firefighter charged with meth possession last week, was placed on administrative leave Sunday, says Matt Laible, spokesman for the city of Minneapolis.

Wajda was arrested while working at a firehouse in Stadium Village last Tuesday. Upon searching Wajda, Minneapolis police found .5 grams of meth, according to the charges. He was charged with fifth-degree possession.

Police also found an Ecstasy pill in a piece of luggage near Wadja's sleeping area. According to the charges, the pill belonged to Autumn Marie Ronning, a woman who was hanging out with Wajda at the firehouse. Police searched Ronning, and found another .2 grams of meth and eight pills of Suboxone, a prescription opioid medication. Wajda also faces four more charges for allegedly selling meth out of his house in Anoka County.

In other firefighter-drug-related news: Brandon Granger, a former Minneapolis firefighter, pleaded guilty to conspiring to distribute five kilograms of cocaine Monday afternoon.

Granger was indicted last December. According to the U.S. Attorney's Office, he admitted during his plea agreement to trafficking somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 to 50 kilos of coke. Granger is yet to be sentenced, but could face up life in prison.

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