Two men arrested in shooting of Black Lives Matter protesters

All five shooting victims were treated for non-life threatening wounds.

All five shooting victims were treated for non-life threatening wounds.

UPDATE: Minneapolis police announced Tuesday evening that two other men involved in Monday night's shooting had turned themselves in, and were in custody. A 26-year-old white man and a 21-year-old white man joined the 23-year-old white man already in custody. Police also announced that a 32-year-old Hispanic man in custody earlier that day in connection to the case had been questioned and released. Cops said they were working jointly with the Hennepin County Attorney's Office and the FBI to investigate what happened that night. 

Monday night, Black Lives Matter protesters who have been camped out at the Fourth Precinct police station, confronted a handful of masked white men wielding a video camera. At least one of those men also had a gun. 

Alleged white supremacists had shown up at the scene at least two nights in the past week, dancing and jeering the protesters.

Protesters finally had enough Monday night. They say they demanded the men remove their masks, but the men refused. A protester allegedly punched one of them. When protesters followed the men to their car, at least one of the supposed supremacists fired on the Black Lives Matter supporters. Five protesters were hit and treated for non-life-threatening injuries in city hospitals.

This video, taken by Ruptly TV news service, depicts the moments just before and after the shooting took place, including the point when police — who had had tense exchanges with protesters — began to take statements from witnesses. 

The masked men fled in a silver SUV, and Minneapolis police worked throughout the night to track them down.

Two arrests have been made related to the incident: One, a 23-year-old white man from Bloomington, and the other a 32-year-old Hispanic man in South Minneapolis. Police are still pursuing other men connected with the shooting, and have asked anyone with helpful information to call 612-692-TIPS (8477). 

No names have been released, nor will they be, until the suspects are actually charged by the Hennepin County Attorney's Office. That office released a statement Tuesday afternoon saying that it could not bring charges until police turn over evidence.

"When a case is presented, we will seek, as we always do, to bring the most serious felony charges that the evidence permits," read the statement, adding that the office "cannot comment further at this time."

Although the suspects never showed their faces on camera, online video uploaded last week appeared to show two men, one of them armed with a pistol, on their way to the protest site. Apparent threats from white supremacists to disrupt the demonstrations have also been posted to numerous online forum sites. 

City Pages will continue to bring updates as more information becomes available.