Two little girls steal goat from Mankato zoo

Who wouldn't steal this thing?

Who wouldn't steal this thing?

In surely the cutest story anyone will hear all week, Mankato police say two young girls stole a goat from a zoo, and tried to walk the thing home.

The girls were apprehended partway through their crime after they were spotted walking by the roadside late Saturday night. The girls were returned home, without incident, and the goat was returned to the zoo, thus ending probably the weirdest night of its life.

The girls, two sisters under the age of 10 who snuck out of their house to enact the crime, showed a pretty serious side of mischief: Even when a cop confronted them about their hairy friend, they produced a series of lies to try to stay out of trouble, reports the Mankato Free Press.

For some reason, they neglected the obvious option: Blame the goat! They could've told the cop the whole thing was the goat's idea, and that he'd pressured them to spring him from goat jail. Now, the girls are facing serious prison time for their role in multiple felonies.



No, just kidding. This story is too adorable for anyone to get too upset.

As the Free Press tells it, the girls had been at a birthday party at the zoo earlier in the day Saturday, and thereafter hatched their plan to sneak out of their house, into the zoo, and then hustle the goat back home.

Goats are always looking to escape, and often seek accomplices.

Goats are always looking to escape, and often seek accomplices.

They only made it so far before someone spotted two little girls, wearing pajamas, and a goat walking down the side of the road. The girls told the officer that the goat was theirs, and they were just taking it for a walk. When the cop asked where they lived, the girls told him they didn't know their own address -- a likely story.

Eventually, the girls were taken home to their parents, who'd been frantically looking for them. The police faulted the parents for not contacting them about their missing daughters earlier, reminding everyone to call 911 the moment they notice a child is missing.

The goat was returned to its pen at the Sibley Park Zoo, where it has not responded to phone calls from reporters.