Twitter suspends lawyer for posting Stephen Miller's number, which is 202-881...

This photo could literally be the moment Stephen Miller received Kara Lynum's text. He has not texted her back.

This photo could literally be the moment Stephen Miller received Kara Lynum's text. He has not texted her back. Associated Press

St. Paul immigration attorney Kara Lynum has tweeted a few different things about Stephen Miller, murderously loyal Bond movie henchman and advisor to Donald Trump behind one of the more sadistic immigration policies in recent American history.

Miller is so disliked in Lynum's professional and social media circle that the mere mention of his name carries a meaning.

Mostly, she tweets about wanting to prove she's faster than him, and knows more about their chosen field than he does.

On Wendesday, Lynum (profiled in our People Issue earlier this year) tweeted about Miller again, repeating her desire to race the "racist." On this occasion though, Lynum's challenge to Miller was direct, and her tweet included something new: his phone number. 

Earlier Wednesday, the website Splinter published Miller's phone number. Splinter observed that Miller has "has been the most effective driving force behind the implementation of the brutal policy that is now leading the national news," and yet, hasn't been available to the press or public.

Trump himself has given out the phone numbers of people he didn't like, Splinter reasoned, so turnabout on Miller is fair play. His cell phone is 202-881-8641. Or it was, as of yesterday morning. Since then, he might've decided to get a new one after getting a few calls and texts. 

Here's the message Lynum sent to Miller, which she then screeen-shotted and tweeted.


Later Wednesday, Lynum received notice from Twitter that because she'd violated Twitter's rules on "posting private information," her account was "temporarily limited." Meaning: "no tweets, no retweets, follows, or likes." The suspension lasted 12 hours; as Splinter noted in a follow-up story, Lynum's was one of many accounts (including its own) to suffer this fate yesterday.

If Miller had texted Lynum back to take her up on the race/quizz challenge, what would she have wanted to say to him?

"I’d tell him about my clients impacted by the Muslim Ban who can’t be with their families," Lynum says, "or the families we had to scramble to get here, my DACA clients who have no pathway to stay in the U.S., and about the horrific conditions I witnessed in the family detention centers I’ve visited four times."

Not that she'd expect this to have any effect on Miller. To him, separating non-white parents from children and keeping people in cages is not a side effect of a harsh policy, Lynum says. "It's a goal." 

Lynum's account is back online this morning. Who do you suppose she's talking about?

To be clear, the Miller stuff is just occasional venting. Lynum's feed is generally full of substance. Here's a recent thread telling people infuriated by Trump's immigration and deportation policy a few real, tangible things they can do to help.