Twitter Poll: What should be done with Block E?

Block E in 2007
Block E in 2007

In the 80s, Block E was a raw but creative district where arty types and punks milled about Rifle Sport Gallery and Moby Dick's bar, but the city flattened it in '88 into a parking lot. 

Coming up on the 10th anniversary of its uninspired corporate reincarnation that included an Applebee's, failed super-club Escape, and a Borders Bookstore, the plagued section of Hennepin Avenue is again undergoing changes, as Hooters announced it will close its doors permanently there.

Development firm Alatus bought the city's block-wide identity crisis in July, but no one seems to be asking Twin Cities citizens for their input. So that's where we come in. We asked you on Twitter: "What should be done with Block E?"


Minneapolis community center components, such as a rock climbing wall. @DoubleAxle

Why not model like Chicago and Michigan Ave & bring back friendly streets?? Too much lollygaging @stmichael36

Build a mosque? @annleewai

Could easily fit 5 or 6 more top 40 venues in that space. #ladiesnight @andylemay

Casino!!! @ZombieWill

They should put a bookstore, a Hooters and a Barcade into that space. Maybe a Chili's and a Blockbuster to boot? @gruidl

MPLS doesn't have parks downtown (a la Chicago). A park/greenspace would add a lot to 1st ave & downtown in general. @mpBoisvert

Way to many things to list! I know the movie theatre should put a damn 3D theatre in. I know that much! xoxo...@KysaWilliams

I would have to say that it should be torn down and turned into a safe spot skate spot. Talk to @dcshoes about skate plazas. @ShakesOmeara

Raze most & put in park. @Vruno

Any sort of grocery store would be awesome... Lunds? @kissmyapocalyps

A co-op for downtowners! @JohnWallaceMPLS

Replace Block E with Block E theme park to experience what it was like at Block E @JayJustSaid

Just open the doors to Block E and let nature have its way with it. @Sornie79

Block E could be a farmer's market/ local goods market. Rent or lease a stall within the area. @TravelinGypsy

Minneapolis community center components, such as a rock climbing wall. @StationKAndCo

Indoor water park @KobbyBahn

I don't care what they do with Block E as long as they don't build a mosque on it's hallowed grounds. @JustACoolCat

Block E should be a big swimming pool / ice rink, shaped like boobs. #neverforgethooters @HeidiPTRC

Turn it into a shopping mall. @Beenza

Downtown market similar to Midtown Global Market with small spaces available for lease for art studios/shops/etc @AdamBez

ROLLER RINK. @danielson

Turn it into the Bedlam Theater. @KatieLee

Everything on Block E is ugly. It hurts my eyes. It should be flattened. @lanimay

Convert to storage space for Brett Favre's ego. @10000takes

Microshops. Similar to the Food Building at the Fair, other cities have done things similar. Gives locals and chains a chance. @EvolveSystemsUS

Vikings stadium. @gaard

Here's a great mini-doc about the block:

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