Twitter Had Some Fun With Vikings' Plan to Sell Personalized Bricks in Front of New Stadium

Today in Twitter brand trolling...

Today in Twitter brand trolling...

The Vikings have one of the most painful, embarrassing legacies in the NFL, with a seemingly endless parade of salacious scandals and heartbreaking losses torturing fans since 1961.

So, what could possibly go wrong when the team decided to give their long-suffering fans a chance to test out different inscriptions to put on commemorative bricks for sale in front of its controversial new stadium?

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Alltogher there are about 12,000 bricks are available in three sizes costing between $160-360, and with up to eight lines of type to fill, the team made an online simulator available to test out different slogans.

The Business Journal's Nick Halter first started the #VikingsBricks hashtag after running a story on the bricks, and Twitter ran with it immediately:

The team was a good sport on Twitter:

"We're in the entertainment business so we're not too easily offended," said Vikings spokesperson Jeff Anderson. "I haven't checked in on how sales are going, but obviously having a hashtag that's this popular only raises awareness."

If you genuinely would like to try to purchase a Vikings brick, keep in mind "discriminatory, political, offensive, or inappropriate messages as determined by the Minnesota Vikings and MSFA will be declined."

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